The reason why dudes always want to purchase the day?

(different blog post by Kathy89) we opted for men I satisfied in pilates. He is younger than me and then he was a broke student. Together with other guys, we mentioned in the very beginning of the date that I'm great about buying myself personally, it made the very first additionally the finally 2-5 minutes regarding the go out becoming uselessly wasted on that would pay the end and who shell out what. Now i simply mentioned I'm okay purchasing myself personally, extra as a general statement and not one thing to promote a discussion. The big date it self got great, the two of us had lots of fun. Whenever it got time and energy to pay the guy given their cards therefore was decreased for the entire costs. The guy requested to try they for a half and begun counting funds (he had adequate), we passed my card just to spend a half while he had been counting the bucks, I said once again it is entirely okay by us to shell out my half and therefore was some thing we mentioned inside the beginning of the big date. He virtually grabbed the credit from the waitress' give and provided their the cash.

We sensed strange about this. like I understand the shame and anything. but so why do guys insist upon paying even though they don't really gets the money. like he had been prepared to be in debt simply for this dumb date?!