VIII. Kingdom outside the Gospels (Why is The word Shorter Prevalent?)

This has for ages been a spot to possess dialogue that the title Empire is not very prevalent about epistolary product. Such as for instance, the phrase basileiva seems one hundred and you may 21 years old times inside this new synoptics, however, merely five times inside the John, 7 minutes when you look at the Acts, 14 minutes inside the Paul, 5 times on standard epistles and you may 9 moments from inside the Disclosure. Certain, in addition to me personally, has argued in earlier times that the reason behind it on it hesitation regarding Kingdom words inside the good Roman context, however, it do maybe not behave as an explanation when Jesus will be admitted as the Lord otherwise Christ of the chapel. 50 The clear answer is situated in around three observations.

Earliest, Kingdom exists in several most other concepts that demonstrate right up in the it procedure, so that the layout is more common than just simple lexical counting reveals.