How to activate Badoo Premium free for 14 days

With the tremendous expansion of social networks and Internet communications, over time, many high-quality services have emerged, with the aim of providing their users and customers with the possibility of interact with people from all over the world in a more pleasant and intimate way without any inconvenience.

Communication is an important element of all living beings, and it is possible to meet people from different places on earth, so anyone wants to know more about these people, their jobs, what they are and what their culture is. This and what are your true tastes and preferences.

With the help of apps like tinder or even Grindr, it is now possible to have a conversation with strangers. These have gained a great reputation on the Internet, but at some point, these portals are more focused on dating than the idea of ??being able to meet up with friends and just chat.

Today we want to show you a very similar application, but it offers two options, from dating to a simple chat. Next, we tell you what it is Badoo and all the information we need to know about this application. So stay with us and discover all the details related to this application. If you want to know how to activate Badoo Premium free for 14 days, we explain what you must do to achieve it, as well as other considerations about this well-known application.

What is Badoo

This is a social network that was born in 2006. Over time, the virtual world has experienced amazing prosperity and growth. Badoo gives us the opportunity to meet people from all over the world to find out their tastes and preferences, as well as some key information. If this is to our liking, we can enter into a dialogue with him and make it clear if the person is also willing.

All this allows us to make an appointment with her if she is near our location or near your city or region. Badoo will show you the radar of people nearby, and in addition, we will provide you with a list of people with similar tastes to ours. We will be able to interact with the users of this interesting application and communicate through the platform, and it will be completely normal and easy.

Currently, Badoo has approximately 395 million registered users on the platform, and it is one of the social networks dedicated to going out and meeting the most famous and important people in the world with Tinder. Among other important data, an estimated people sign up for Badoo every day.

How to get Badoo Premium free for 14 days

Badoo is a completely free app up to a point. All users who download and install this application will enjoy its services and tools completely free of charge. In other words, you will be able to meet people from other parts of the world and close to your city or region without having to pay a fixed amount.

However, like any social network that focuses on dating, it has an advanced version that guarantees you very beneficial benefits when using the platform. Here are the steps to get Badoo Premium for free during the 14-day trial period. Before we begin, it is very important to realize that in order to obtain this privilege, we must make the application believe that we want to remove it.

Our first step is to enter the Badoo app from any device, you can download it from Google Play or any other alternative or third-party store. After entering Badoo, we will go to their respective configuration files, where we can select configuration options.

This will show a new list in which we can see the “account” option that appears in the email. Now we will click here. In the “Account” option, we can see the boxes to hide and verify the account, but if you look closely, it will show “Delete account” at the end.

We will click on the button and then a box will appear in which we must indicate the reason why we left Badoo. After doing this, Badoo will show us a new option, which will provide us with a solution so that we do not delete our account. Then Badoo will give us a day of premium service from 3 to 14 days, we only accept this option and nothing else.

Remove a “like” from a Badoo profile

Badoo provides a section where we can choose those who are interested in us. After acceptance, we can talk to them without any inconvenience. However, if there is a problem and we don’t want to talk any more, we can follow the steps below.

After entering the Badoo app, we will go to the profile of the user that we accept, in this section we will see a small box identified by 3 points, from this option we will slide some operations, among them «remove from Favorites », We will click there, nothing more.

Report a fake Badoo profile posing as you

If you are a Badoo user and you realize that there is another account in which your name, photo and personal data are used to impersonate you, feel free to report or condemn it, follow the steps below: You must first log in on your Badoo account via the smartphone app or visiting the website while using a computer

After this, you will have to look for the false profile of the person in front of you, once inside, press the button with the 3 ellipsis icon When pressing the icon, a drop-down menu will appear, from which you can choose two options, choose the option that means block or report.

After selecting this option, a window will appear in which the platform will ask you about the situation of that user, and a series of options to choose the reason for reporting the account. In this case, you must select the option from which you want to use a fake photo, then on the button that says «Block and report ».

In this way, you already know how to use this social network to a greater extent, including knowing how to activate Badoo Premium free for 14 days to be able to enjoy all its additional paid functions.