The best characteristics of a popular dating app is its simplicity and the entertaining benefits it offers to its users

If you want to add certain features into the Badoo like dating app then you should have a clear idea about the requirements. Hence, first you should write all the functions that should be included in your application in detailed manner.

Designing UI/UX

Hence, in the designing stage of your app, you should incorporate high quality into its design i.e. UX/UI to make it highly attractive to the users. You should remove all that is not required and leave only useful functions and should provide a platform for easy communication.

Development Testing

In this stage, all of the functions described in the requirements are programmed and incorporated into the final app. Here it is important to implement all of the required functionalities without any flaw as users are going to spend lots of their time in using these kinds of applications.

If they face even one error, then they can get a bad impression and they can even stop using the app. Therefore, the final version of the app should be tested thoroughly so that it reaches in the hands of users as a perfect and most reliable app.

Final Launch and Marketing

There are already many dating apps in the market hence the promoters should create a foolproof strategy before launching the app. The promotion of such kind of apps should be thought out much before launching and releasing the app in the market.

To attract users, the app should have some already created profiles into the database. Otherwise what the users will search for and whom they will talk to. Make every effort so that the users don’t get bored initially. Hence, register users in advance, integrate social networking sites and more to make your app successful.

The cost of developing a Badoo like app depends highly upon your choice of developers or the development company which you choose to build your app. Suppose if you choose US based developers then be ready to incur double the cost of the project which otherwise will be if you choose the developers in the UAE, Middle East region. For example, an average Western Europe or US developer charges between $ 80-150 per hour. But if you choose a similar developer in Dubai, UAE then it will charge only around $40 – $50 per hour.

So, if you want to build a Badoo like app, the project team will most likely consist of

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Android developer
  • iOS developer
  • Designers
  • Backend developers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers

Taking this into consideration, let’s now find out how much it will cost to develop a dating app like Badoo.

To find out how many hours it will take to build the app let’s make a list of functions and break each item into subtasks and give an estimate of each task in man-hours. For example, synchronization of data with social networks takes about 25-30 man hours, geolocation will take another 20-25 hours, and the chat module will take about 50-60 man hours. Final Testing will also take lots of man hours.

Developing the app for Android and iOS both will almost double the cost. Also it is often recommended to make a minimum viable product i.e. MVP of the app before developing a fully functional version of the product. To develop such a prototype, mostly additional cost is required.

Hence, finally taking all of the above things into account, it will take around 1200 man hours to build an app like Badoo. Considering the average hourly rate at $40 – $50 per hour the total cost of developing a Badoo like app will be around $48,000 – $60,000.